Take a look at CLOUD planning IN ACTION

see what the adaptive suite offers you in this quick demo 

Balance sheets, cash flow plans and reports are essential to get a complete view of financial performance. The Adaptive insights suite allows you to completely integrate these statements and gives the user visibility across multinational organisations. 

This Adaptive Insights demo shows how you can... 

  • Completely integrate your financial statements and reports including P&L, balance sheets and cash flow. 
  • Get visibility into investments needed to support sales, profit goals and cash inflows/outflow all integrated with the P&L.
  • Create triggers for cash to alert you of low balances with line of credit revolver accounts and model debt/loan amortization 
  • If you have multinational organisations you can create different exchange rates like historical and cash reserves. 
  • Create consolidated financial reports that can be rolled forward with a simple one click refresh ensuring they are always up to date.
  • Measure the impact of cash in various scenarios and view these results in sheets, reports and dashboards. 
  • Analyse the impact of demand, changes in cost and employee growth to better manage your cash. 
  • Monitor your performance more effectively with the adaptive suite. 

If you want to see more then get in touch and we'll get down and dirty with an in-depth demo

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