Financial forecasting in a world of change

Disruption can come from anywhere - Political, markets, tech and more 

Recently we've seen tectonic shift in political leadership and alliances driving uncertainty in the markets. Signs that globalisation is on the wane, whilst tech fuels the growth of small players. All this impacts organisations and their decisions, and it lands on finance to guide decision making with good information and analysis. 

So what makes planning so challenging in a fast changing world:

  • Many information sources, in multiple platforms
  • Traditional static applications like Excel which makes sharing difficult
  • More complexity which existing tools cannot support

Join us on 28th March at 10am 

Learn how to:

  • Support your business to make better and faster decisions
  • Make available digestible, attractive information, accessible on the move, anytime
  • Forecast on the fly, which can cope with radical alterations to the model 
  • Create many scenarios to interrogate the effect of potential decisions
  • Connect financial operational and other data to create 'one source of truth' 
see cloud based forecasting solution Adaptive Insights in action as a flexible forecasting tool.